What is the function of liver in bile production?

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The function of the liver is that it creates it. It has special cells called hepatocytes to produce it. And then it sends it on its way to be stored in the gall bladder or drained directly into the stomach to assist in digestion of fats. There is a whole interconnected system of ductwork that the liver uses for the bile to travel down - usually called the biliary tree. Bile is first collected from the cells in the bile canaliculi, which merge into bile ducts, then the left and right hepatic ducts, and then the common hepatic duct. From there - it can either swing into the gall bladder via the cystic duct, or continue downward into common bile duct - which connects into the duodenum.
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What is the function of bile?

Bile(produced by the liver) breaks fat particles into smaller ones. it has 3 main functions- 1. DIGESTIVE FUNCTIONS- bile salts, major constituents of bile,help in fat digest

Functions of bile?

Bile has an enzyme that helps break apart fat so that it can be more easily absorbed in the small intestine.

What is the purpose of the bile production in the liver?

Bile serves two important functions in the digestive system:. It neutralises the acidic stomach juices in the duodenum, providing ideal conditions for enzymes . To assisst e

What is the function of liver bile?

Bile juice is a juice secreted by bile duct present in liver. It converts bigger fat molecules into smaller soluble molecules called chilomicrons

Where does bile function?

Bile is released into the duodenum, at the top of the small intestine. It acts on lipids that enter the intestines from the stomach. The lipids are emulsified to increase the

How do bile produced by the liver and enzymes produced in the pancreas function in the small intestine?

The bile produced in the liver eats the fats in the food and the enzymes produced in the pancreas breaks down the fats before the the bile eats it because the enzymes break do