What is the episode called when pucca doesnt love garu anymore?

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Pucca loves Garu all the time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! there is no episode where pucca doesn't love him but in the episode "He loves Me Not" pucca is extremely sad because she finds out that garu doesn't love her but it all works out at the end.
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Does garu like pucca?

He does but not the same way as pucca. Although, in the animated shorts, they are going out. Garu is just too shy and embarassed to show effection to pucca. He does in the an

Pucca love garu for who he is lyrics?

this is the true song in chinese....................puka heyo karu! kesomanana kiyosiyo temonda!kese so tepatio komina pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu-pu kaa kasiyo pu-pu pu-pu-pu-

Why doesnt Pucca and garu ever talk?

Garu took a vow-of-silence since he's a ninja and needs to regain honor. Pucca, the lovesick cutie, does whatever her boyfriend does and that's being silent.

In which episode does garu care for pucca?

Obviously, "He Loves Me Not" At the very end, Garu gives Pucca flowers. Why? Because he can't stand a girl crying even Pucca. If you do want to see garu care for pucca, watch

Will garu admit he likes pucca?

he doesnt like pucca in the tv shows, but in the first videos it shows that he likes her by giving her a rose and a ring(made from his fave sword) and he kisses her behind an

Has Garu ever loved Pucca?

He has. In the first ever Pucca (animated shorts) they are goingout, he was just too shy to admit it. However, in three of theanimated shorts, he shows affection towards her b