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What is the energy of a 15 pounds 2x4 traveling at 100 mph and how does it compare to a high power rifle bullet with an energy of 2339 ft-lbf?

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The formula for kinetic energy is KE=1/2(mass)(velocity)^2, therefore 15 lbs travelling at 100 MPH has a kinetic energy of 5,012 ft lbs or more than twice that of the bullet! To get the answer you have to convert 15 lbs to mass by dividing by the gravitational constant (32.2 Ft/sec^2) and converting 100MPH to ft/sec. 15x(100x1.467)^2/(2x32.2)=5,012
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How far does a bullet travel from a rifle?

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How fast does a bullet travel in mph?

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How many mph does a bullet travel?

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A bullet traveling upwards has what type of energy?

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How high can a rifle bullet travel straight up?

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How is foot pounds of energy measured for bullet impact?

It can be projected by using the formula E= MV 2 divided by 450400. E is the energy in foot lbs M is mass of bullet in grains V 2 is velocity in feet per second, squared.
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