What is the duration of Lazer Tag Academy?

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The duration of Lazer Tag Academy is 1800.0 seconds.
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How much is a lazer tag arcade?

it depends..... where you live wich lazer tag place you go to .... ussally the lazer tag store has a website and phone number call and find out!

Where was Justin bieber when he got in a fight at a lazer tag place?

Justin Bieber was at a British Columbia laser tag place when he got kicked out. People said that it was Bieber's fault when it really wasn't. A 12 year old kid came up to Bieb

What do you do if you get tagged in lazer tag?

If you get tagged on the shoulders or gun on the pad, then you wait 5 seconds to reactivate your gun. If you get tagged on the back pad, then you wait 10 seconds to reactivate

Which is better lazer tag or swimming?

If your scared of the dark, then swimming. If your so exited that you want to try to use lazer guns in a real game(it also has dark, but a little light)then lazer gate is the

What stores has halo lazer tag guns?

its a a place called hot topics. plazma pistol(single) $20. plasma rifle(single) $40. and the single packs include the slayer target sheild.

When was lazer tag first introduced?

Laser Tag was first introduced as a mixed sport combining tag and paintball, introduced in the 1980s by two companies. Other companies later saw the money that could be made a