What is the duration of Lantana film?

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The duration of Lantana - film - is 1.92 hours.
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Is lantana poisonous?

Yes Lantana plant contains a toxic substance called triterpenes. The unripe berries and leaves of the lantana plant can cause fatality especially when ingested.

Lantana How tall do lantana grow?

If Lantana is grown as an annual, it will grow to about 4' tall by 3' wide. If it is grown as a perennial it can grow up to 15' high.

Why Lantana is a pest?

latana originally came from sth Africa n was used a balast in the early shipping trade, it was discarded when reaching port(s) in Australia and was not always dead upon remova

What is a lantana?

Lantana is a introduced species to Australia from the Americas and Africa. The Lantanas are pretty but deadly to most animals because of it's poisonous leaves.

What is the lantana means?

animals become very sensitive to sunlight after eating theplant.animals may die of starvation due to loss of appetite anddehydration