What is the duration of La vendedora de rosas?

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The duration of La vendedora de rosas is 2 hours.
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Who is Jennifer De La Rosa?

she is very serious she is kinda mean really cocky and thinks high of herself she is really pretty and a lot of dudes like her she sort of popular a liltle

What does Vendedora De Alcatraces mean?

well first of all IEnglish it is translated to Calla Lilies Vendor. The basket on the vendors shoulders signifies the weight of work on his shoulders. The hardship of work. An

How old is Rogelio de la Rosa?

Rogelio de la Rosa was born on November 12, 1916 and died on November 10, 1986. Rogelio de la Rosa would have been 69 years old at the time of death or 98 years old today.

What actors and actresses appeared in La vendedora de rosas - 1998?

The cast of La vendedora de rosas - 1998 includes: Hortensio Eliana Aitohoriua Los Aladinos Jaime Alberto Paula Andrea Restrepo Rosalba Arango Wilder Arango Gerardo Arboleda A