What is the distance between san Gabriel valley and simi valley?

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about 60 miles
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What is the distance between Simi Valley to Los Angeles International Airport?

Simi Valley is located in Ventura County, in Southern California. Simi Valley is approximately forty-five minutes northwest of Los Angeles, and forty minutes east of Ventura

How far is it from Spokane to Simi Valley?

1,404 miles taking this route: . Take I-90 WEST, from Spokane, to I-5 SOUTH to TACOMA via I-405 SOUTH (EXIT 10 off I-90) to bypass SEATTLE. . Take I-5 SOUTH down to I-4
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Where is San Gabriel Valley located?

The San Gabriel Valley is located in Southern California just northeast of the city of Los Angeles. The name was derived from the San Gabriel River that flows southward throug