What is the difference in Pokemon moves from first generation to second generation?

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What is the difference bewtween a first generation iPod touch and second generation iPod touch?

basically, Apple made an upgrade from the original iPod touch to the new one. The new one has better Wi Fi connectivity, a slimmer size than the old one, with built in speaker

Difference between first generation itouch and second generation itouch?

\nThe 1st generation has a box shaped outershell while the 2nd generation has a more comfortable curved grip. The biggest difference is that the 2nd generation has external sp

What is the difference between first generation and second generation computers?

First Generation Computers refer to ones with vacuum tubes and were really huge and required vast amounts of electricity. The programming was very limited and very complex USN

What is the difference between first generation and second generation pesticides?

The "first generation" pesticides were largely highly toxic compounds, such as arsenic and hydrogen cyanide. Their use was largely abandoned because they were either too ineff

How is a first generation solar system different from a second generation solar system?

A first generation solar system would have contained mostly hydrogen and very little if any of the heavier elements. Second generation solar systems, made from the exploded r

How did second generation computers different from first generation computers?

In most systems of classifying computers into generations, first generation computers used vacuum tubes while second generation computers used discrete transistors. Some diffe

What were the major differences between first generation languages and second generation languages?

The main difference is that first generation languages (1GL) are low-level while second generation languages (2GL) are high-level. Before there were any programming languages