What is the difference between television and radio as media of communications?

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Television, is communicating by vision, and sound. What a television does is entertaine's youre head pretty much. A Radio is just sound communication, and you are vizualizing what you are hearing.
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What are the differences between a radio and a TV?

Well, the main difference is that a radio doesn't have video. Only audio. Another difference is the programming in most cases. In the early days of radio, they had several sho

What is the difference between communication and media?

Media represents forms of communication through technology such asradio, television, magazines, newspapers and the internet.Communication, on the other hand, not only covers c

What are the difference between television and radio?

They both tune in to stations, but radios only have audio and they play mainly music. Televisions show video as well as play audio, and if you have satellite, some companies d

Differences between radio and television?

Radio and television are similar in that you can hear music on bothof them. They are different because a radio does not have a pictureon it where you can watch what is going o

What is the difference between radio and television?

radio is the form audio output which can only send out a message, through it provide frequency by governing broadcast authority, it does not provide the visual image or appear

What is the difference between radio and TV antenna?

The main differences have to do with their frequency of operation:AM radio and SW radio antennas operate at much lower frequenciesthan TV and FM radio antennas. An optimal low

What are the major difference between radio and television?

u hear radio and u see tv TV uses radio in a very complicated way. It uses sub-carriers to embed the video content and audio in both frequency modulation and amplitude modulat