What is the difference between fish and sharks?

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sharks - have rows of teeth, no scales, can't stop swimming & can't swim backwards, need constant water flow over gills, cartilage - no bone, oily liver instead of a swim bladder, can sense electricity (ex:heart beat) & vibrations in water, gill slits - no gill cover, eggs fertilized inside females body.
fish - 1 set of teeth or none at all, can hover & swim backwards, most are bony, swim bladder, can't sense electricity, covered gill slits, eggs usually fertilized in water.
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Whats the difference of a fish and shark?

a fish and a shark are pretty much the same they are both cold blooded and eat other fish, but have differences too, both and very different in size and have different ways to

What is the difference between a shark and a fish anatomy?

\nOne difference is that fish are bony. Sharks have a skeleton made of cartilage (like in your nose or kneecap). Sharks have five to seven gill slits, while fish only have o

What is the difference between fish and fishes?

in the group, all the fish are of the same species = use "fish" in the group, the fishes are of different species = use "fishes" Fish is used as plural and singular. Howe

What is the difference between whale shark and shark?

The major difference is whale sharks are huge. They're around 30 feet long on average and the largest specimen found was around 40 feet long. Also whale sharks are filter fee