What is the difference between endangered animals vs threatened animals vs extinct animals?

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Threatened means that the animal is vulnerable to extinction and the population of the animal is declining. (ex: Certain species of whale population are being threatened.) Endangered means that the animal will soon be extinct if nothing is done about it. Some endangered animals are being bred in captivity until their numbers increase enough to be released back in the wild. (ex: Bald Eagles are an endangered species of bird. Pandas are an endangered species of bear.) Extinct means that the animal has completely died out and there aren't any left of this species. (ex: Dinosaurs are an extinct species of reptile. Dodo is an extinct bird.) Here's a visual: Threatened-------------> Endangered---------------> Extinct
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What is the difference between endangered and extinct animals?

Endangered Species are ones that have a very small population and that population is at a greater risk of becoming extinct. Many species that become extinct never make to the

How are extinct animals different from endangered animals?

extinction is the death of every member of a species or group of taxa (A taxon plural: taxa ) or taxonomic unit is a name designating an organism or a group of organisms

Difference between extinct and endangered animals?

endangered means that there are not many left in the wild and extinct means that there are none left in the world. They animals skin has been used for making things with or th