What is the difference between an SLR digital camera and a compact digital with manual exposure control?

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Principle difference is "through-the-lens" framing and focus. Naturally you can control depth of field, light levels, focus, etc with both units, but with the SLR you see these changes before you take the picture. Answer There are advantages and disadvantages to both types of camera: The compact will be smaller, lighter and quieter; the SLR has a mirror that flips up when the shutter is released to switch light from the viewfinder to the sensor. This makes a noise, the compact doesn't need the mirror so they can be pretty much silent. On the other hand, apart from the Leica M8, compact digitals do not have interchangeable lenses. Being able to change lenses is a big advantage, you can also see the affects of any filters by looking through the viewfinder. In most cases a digital SLR will have better quality optics, sensor and light metering than a compact digital - although there are exceptions; the M8 would give any DSLR a run for its money for quality - but it does cost £3000 for the body alone! 9-07-2006 The SENSOR ! The sensor is what holds the image you took. On most point and shoot digital cameras, the sensor is a certain size...... On a digital SLR, the sensor is BIGGER. The Sensor is not only larger, but is much more sensitive .
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