What is the difference between a lcd and flat screen monitor?

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These names are sometimes used interchangeably. But a true flat screen monitor is a CRT(cathode ray tube) based monitor that simply has a flat screen instead of a curved one. Whereas the LCD is typically thinner and doesn't use CRT technology but (LIQUID CRYSTAL DISPLAY) technology to display pixels on the screen.
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Difference between CRT and LCD monitor?

Answer CRT (cathode ray tube) uses a massive tube housed behind the screen to shoot light at the screen. It is much wider than an LCD (liquid crystal display) monitor whi

What is the difference between a LCD tv and a LCD monitor please?

Answer . A. The next answer has nothing to do with this question. I will return when I have a more complete answer , but to begin with an LCD TV has a tuner in it while an

What is the difference between LCD and led monitors?

LED is a technology used in LCD monitors for improving the energy efficiency of the system 2nd answer: Also to make the colors and picture sharpness much better. An LCD s

Difference between lcd monitor and lcd tv?

The monitor does not include the tuner to pick up radio signals, required for TV. Otherwise, they are the same. Most modern LCD TVs can be used as a computer monitor, bypassin

What is the difference between plasma and lcd monitors?

Obviously, the main difference between a plasma and LCD monitor is that plasma screens use plasma gas to generate an image and LCD's use liquid crystals. Plasma screens have a

Difference between flat screen monitor and crt monitor?

A flat screen uses either Liquid Crytal Display technology (LCD) or Plasma, to create the array of coloured pixels. CRT stands for cathode ray tube. This fires electrons onto

What is the difference between an LCD and a CRT monitor?

CRT (cathrode ray tube) is used in very old computer monitors and televisions. LCD (liquid crystal display) is used for flat screens . CRT are no energy efficient,LCD are ene

What is the different between LCD and CRT monitors?

The CRT monitor. These are heavy, use a lot of desk space and electricity. It is the oldest technology used by monitors and is based on the cathode ray tube technology that wa

What is the difference between a flat screen Plasma tv and a flat screen LCD tv?

A Plasma TV is created buy using a neon-xeon gas in glass that is sealed by plasma. To create an image, electric current is passed through the gas to make it light up. An LCD
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Where can one purchase a flat screen LCD monitor?

For an in-person purchase experience, one can purchase a flat screen LCD monitor at any electronics store or office supply store, such as Office Depot or Best Buy. Online, one