What is the definition of gelatinisation?

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Gelatinisation is when starch grains (rice,flour,pasta) are mixed with a liquid and heated, the starch then heats and explodes and eats the moisture, this results in the jumping of the liquid.

Be care ful when things are 'gelatinising' , as touching it can easily burn your hand!!!

(When the starch granules are heated to about 60degrees they start to swell. But gelatinisation is not complete until boiling point is reached. If heating is continued, the granules will swell to 5 times their normal size. This thickens the liquid.)

Examples of gelatinisation; pancakes,rice smilies,steaks, lemon meruinge pie.
Gelatinisation sauces ; white sauce, custard, strawberry sauce, egg custard.
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What are some dishes using gelatinisation?

Gelatinization is the process that we take a starch (like flour or cornstarch) and it to a liquid for the purpose of thickening that liquid. The starch absorbs the water and g

Gelatinisation of starch?

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In lemon meringue pie where does gelatinisation occur?

The gelatinisation of the lemon meringue pie filling is dependent on two main ingredients: The sugar, and the corn starch. Adding heat to both these elements, along with liqui

Does gelatinisation occur in pancakes?

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Gelatinisation: . Gelatinisation is a term given to the method used in cooking to thicken soups and sauces and in the making of pastry and popcorn. The following dishes displ

Savoury dishes involving gelatinisation?

Savory dishes involving gelatinization include Onion Pie, Fig andBlue Cheese Savories and Herbed Bulgur. Some more dishes includeQuiche Lorraine and Soup.

What happens to starch during gelatinisation?

starch molecules swell when they reach about 60 degrees. if they are heated more they swell more, and eventually explode, causing equal distribution of starch molecules

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