What is the definition of a smoke door?

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a door that smoke can not enter
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What is the definition of smoking?

smoke: the act of smoking tobacco or other substances; "he went outside for a smoke"; "smoking stinks" . emitting smoke in great volume; "a smoking fireplace" . smoke: a

What is the definition of a door leaf?

The door leaf is the door itself and the path that it travels in, Its even hard for my teachers to explain so i put it how the ordinary man would. If you have a door and you o

The definition of smoking?

A method of cooking food where the product is cooked at a low temperature for a long period of time in the presence of a smoke producing fire.

What definition sliding side door?

the sliding side door is a pocket in a completion string in offshore oil and gas drilling. this device gives you the opportunity to have communication between tubing and the c

What is the law definition of opening the Door?

It means that the door is open for anyone that thinks they can put the defendant behind bars. ANOTHER VIEW: It is a phrase that means that a new area, topic, idea, or stra

What is the definition of door to door marketing?

Door to door marketing is a direct sales method involving a representative going from one door to the next in a neighborhood or building, either selling goods directly to the