What is the definition of Human-Environment Interaction?

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Human Environment interaction is how people use, affect, and are affected by our surroundings.
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What is definition of geography term human environmental interaction?

Human Environmental Interaction is basically how we affect and are affected by the environment, and also how we disturb the natural environment. The Five Themes of Geograph

What is the definition of interactional questions?

Transactional questions are when information is being extracted when wanting to obtain goods and services. Interactional is when a relationship is being maintained and people

Definition of classroom interaction?

classroom interaction could be referred to as a process of passing down a vital information from the professional teacher who has undergone a rigorous training to the learners

Definition of human interaction?

The definition of human interaction is the act of interfering withthe environment. This is mostly done by cutting down trees andusing the land for agriculture.

What is the definition of global interaction?

The development of global studies in secondary and tertiary education is arguably a product of globalisation, and its consequent results on the international community. Global