What is the date for the upcoming Carnival in Rio?

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Rio carnival 2010 officially starts at midnight on Friday 13th February and finishes at midnight on Tuesday 17th Feb. The parades of the biggest samba schools are on the Sunday and Monday nights. There is also a huge street carnival going on all over Rio at the same time.

You can find out more about the schedules of the samba school parades and the street carnival if you follow the related links below.
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When is the Rio Carnival?

Carnival - the name means, "farewell to flesh" that is, to eating meat - is the period before Lent, when people formerly took vows of abstinence. The last day of carnival is F

What happens at rio carnival?

everyone dances around on the streets and has a good time some people pay money to give to the poor schools in Rio de janeiro.!

What do they eat and drink in Rio carnival?

If you are watching Rio carnival live in the sambodromo, what you can buy to eat is Bob's Hamburgers (yes, really!) If you are out on the steets you will find delicious street
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When is the Rio Carnival held?

The Carnival in Rio De Janeiro always begins on a Saturday and lasts for three days up until Monday. This year it started on the ninth of February, whereas next year it will s