What is the correct formula for calculating the file size of a bitmap image?

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width by height in centimeters
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What does the size of a bitmap image depend on?

It depends on the image dimensions (width, height) and on the color depth. Basically the size of the bitmap, because of lack of compression, is file header + (color palette -

What is the file size of a PDF image?

The size it not the same for every single PDF file out there. It will very depending on what and how much is inside them. However to find out the size of your PDF document fol

What happens to bitmap images if they are increased in size?

No more or less than what happens to any other image . . . that is given an appearance of enlargement by reducing the resolution at which it is displayed. In other words the b

Why must the bitmap image for the file allocation be kept on mass storage rather?

1.Answer: First, both the "indexed allocation" and FAT schemes use the idea of linked list, i.e., the blocks are linked one after another. However, in the "indexed allocatio

What is the file size of vector images?

vector graphics as smaller than raster graphics but the size depends on the size of the image but they are generally smaller in size than raster images(i.e images such as phot

How do you size an image into the correct pixels?

In Photoshop, navigate to the Image menu, thenclick Image Size... You can change the amount ofpixels in the Pixel Dimensions section. If you don't have Photoshop you ca