What is the conservative view on social security?

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Conservatives and libertarians feel people should be responsible for their own retirement. They also think a private, market-based system would produce much higher returns.
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What is Social Security?

Social Security is benefits provided under the Social Security Act(1935), financed by the Social Security Tax authorized by theFederal Insurance Contributors Act (FICA) and ad

How does social security view disability cases involving fibromyalgia?

Social Security Administration viewsdisability cases involving Fibromyalgia, as it views any disabilitycase. In 2012, the Social Security Administration developedguidelines fo

What are Barack Obama's views on social security?

If he is elected he wants to increase the amount of income that is taxed to provide monthly social securitry benefits. He believes that social security is the most important s

Conservative view on gun control?

Gun control does nothing to prevent criminals from obtaining firearms. Just like alcohol during the prohibition era and illegal drugs now, people who are criminals who want so

Conservative View On welfare?

Welfare is exactly why we are in a recession or experiencing a economic crisis; Too many people (mainy democrats) with skills take advantage of government spending not realizi

When can you get Social Security?

Currently, the social security retirement age is 65. However, you can get the funds out earlier if you were willing to receive less in the way of a benefit. You can check ou

What is the difference between conservative and social conservative?

in USA: Conservative's wish that American values, morals, and principles would return to what it was supposed to be when our founders founded the US not just politically but

When do you get social security?

In normal scenarios if you are born in the US they would apply for you when you were born, if you are into US by for some work then you have to apply by yourself in the Social

What is the answer to Social Security?

One way is to close tax loopholes. Another possibility a flat tax with no deductions except for catastrophic events.Reducing benefits for those already receiving SSI is NOT an

What is Sarah Palin views on social security?

She believes in small government and therefore the answer is she would like to see it privatized or done away with. She once stated that it was "unconstitutional." She also

What were the Gandhi view on conservation of resources?

Gandhiji was very apt in voicing his concern about resourceconservation in these words: "There is enough for everybody's needand not for any body's greed." He placed the greed

Why social security?

I will start with the facts and figures. Did you know, 54 million depend on Social Security1 out of every 6 people. About 2 out of 3 seniors depend on Social Security for most