What is the collective name for petals of a flower?

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What does the petal of a flower do?

My science book says... that the petal is used to attract pollinators. The purpose of petals is to attract insects or other animals to the flower. based of the information ab

What is the purpose of a flower petal?

The purpose of the petals is to attract animals to the flower so that they can distribute the its pollen to other flowers for fertilization and participate in pollination.

How many petals does a flower have?

Depends entirely on the flower. Monocotyledonous flowers have floral parts in multiples of 3 - so they would have either 3, 6, 9 (etc.) petals. Dicotyledonous flowers ha

What will happen if the petal of the flower is missing?

I'm not sure what you really mean by this question (is the plantone that does not produce petals? is the petal missing because itwas removed?) but it might help to think about

What flowers have no petals?

Well, perhaps flowers of sulfur or frost flowers . But the presence of petals is part of the usual definition of a flower. There may be flowers without petals, but I can't
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How many petals does a rose flower have?

Simple: Naturally evolved roses usually have five petals. Domestic roses have additional petals that were bred from the stamens. Better: There are a over a hundred