What is the capital gain tax rate?

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The capital gains tax rates are determined by the type of investment asset and the holding period of the asset. In additional to the federal capital gains tax rates, your capital gains will also be subject to state income taxes. Many states do not have separate capital gains tax rates. Instead, most states will tax your capital gains as ordinary income subject to the state income taxes rates.
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What are the tax rates on short term capital gains and long term capital gains for a student with no income but who has 10000 in the stock market?

There is no such animal as a short term capital gain or loss... When you hold the stock for a year or more it is treated as capital and the tax rate on your realized gains is

When do you pay Capital gains taxes?

Capital gains are taxes that you pay on profit as a result of selling an asset. Usually you reconcile these when you do your IRS tax returns. You get a credit for the cost of

What is the Wisconsin capital gains tax rate for 2007?

Apparently (and surprisingly) the top Capital Gains Tax in Wisconsin (as of 2007/2008) is... 2.7% (as opposed to the top Income Tax rate which is 6.7%). cf http://sb

What is New York State capital gains tax rate for property sold in 2007?

Trick question! New York, like most states, does not have a separate tax structure for capital gains from financial investments (other rule may apply for real estate and colle

What is the Georgia state capital gains tax rate?

A capital gains tax is a federal tax that is paid by both corporations and individuals on the net total of their capital gains for the year. In the state of Georgia that rate

How to calculate capital gain tax?

If this is a business asset then you will have to use the 1040 tax form 4797 to report the transaction on. You will use the information that is on the 1099-B to report the tra

At what rate do capital gains tax rates rise and fall?

Capital Gains Tax Rates Rise and Fall at a zero percent rate if your total income places you in the 10 - 15% tax brackets, this includes Capital Gain Income. This would be at