What is the biggest waterfalls?

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The highest waterfall in the world is Salto Angel Falls on the Rio Gauja in Venezuela at 979 metres.
The second highest is Tugela Falls on the Tugela River in South Africa at 850 metres.
The third highest is Utigordsfoss Falls, a glacial stream in Norway at 800 metres.
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What is the biggest waterfall?

victoria falls The niagra falls Victoria falls is the biggest waterfall in the world NAYAHARA Biggest Waterfall This depends on what is meant by 'biggest'. If 'biggest' re

Name is biggest waterfall in Iceland?

\nIf you mean by total height..\n. \n Glymur with a cascade of 196 m\n. \n-\n. \nTallest freefall height..\n. \n Háifoss at 122 m\n. \n-\n. \n'Biggest' or most

What the biggest waterfalls?

1. Angel Falls 2. Inga Falls 3. Victoria Falls 4. Niagra Falls 5. Tuegla These were the top five largest Waterfalls in the world :)