What is the best weather to open a swimming pool?

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Some people like to have their pool opened around June 1, sometimes the weather will allow you to, to open a pool means your going to be working with cold water most of the day, some years the weather is warm before June 1, and like this year it has been a little cold. Also people will like to close their pool around labor day. If it has been raining or cold why bother to open it wait until the weather man says warm weather is on the way then I would open the pool. Everyone has there own idea, of when they want to be able to go in the pool.  When the weather turns warm get it going!
If you have a mesh safety cover on the pool sooner is better. The longer you wait the greener your pool will be.
If you have a solid cover that blocks all the sun and rain then you can delay till it is warm out but once the air temperatures reach 80 degrees you really need to get the pool started in order to avoid a mess.
Hey don't worry about the weather, when it warms up get the pool open and enjoy the clear blue waters!
Enjoy your pool!
The Guru of Pools at Discount Pool Warehouse.com  Watch out for mosquitos! They LOVE standing water. So take that into consideration when opening your pool.
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