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What is the best time to buy a car after a repossession?

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When is the best time to buy a car? In summary the best time to buy or trade in a car will be as below:

End of Year
End of Month
Monday to Friday
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When is the best time of the year to buy a used car?

 Answer   Depends on how the dealer buys insurance for the car. Most dealers buy insurance on a monthly basis, some don't. So for a dealer the best time would be at the

Is it best for your credit to let a jointly-owned car be repossessed?

%DETAILS%. Answer . the finance company won't let you get your name off of it. That way they can keep you on the hook since he can't pay for it. it will hurt your credit

Where can you get a loan to buy back your car that was repossessed?

 Answer   Mike, that depends on how great your credit is. A repo on your record is NOT going to help. Any interest rate you get will be HIGH because of your credit rati

What is the best time to buy a car?

I am a buyer and have been researching this question. Here are  my findings and most experts, bankers, salespeople... agree: if you  are not particular but want a really goo

What is the best time to buy a used car?

The end of each month is a good time to buy a car because many of the lots want to get rid of their inventory. Also just before Christmas or the beginning of a new year. Just

What is the time frame to repossess a car in Texas?

Under Texas law, a vehicle may be repossessed even if payment wasonly late for 10 days. This means that is payment was due on thefirst day of the month, and payment has not be

How can you buy out a leased car when the lease expired and car was repossessed?

When a vehicle gets repossessed it either goes back to the dealer who leased it, or, and more commonly, it is auctioned by the reclamation company. You would need to attend

Best used cars to buy?

I bought 6 used cars in my life, some of them just about to be scrapped and used them for 8-12 years, some are still "alive". Try to find out how many were produced and see

How many times can your car be repossessed?

After it's been repossessed once, it's not your car anymore, so... once? If it's repossessed and you're able to bring the loan current and redeem the car before it's sold s