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What is the best time to buy a car after a repossession?

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When is the best time to buy a car? In summary the best time to buy or trade in a car will be as below:

End of Year
End of Month
Monday to Friday
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What time of the year is the best time to buy a new car?

When 'that' particular vehicle holds the least real value to the consumer vis a vis cost to the manufacturer. -pay attention projected yearly gas prices -look around you for m

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Where can you buy repossessed cars?

Here is a variety of advice:     If I were you I would check out your county for repossessions to be sold they generally sale for 2/3 of the loan value.    I wou

Where can you get a loan to buy back your car that was repossessed?

 Answer   Mike, that depends on how great your credit is. A repo on your record is NOT going to help. Any interest rate you get will be HIGH because of your credit rati

How do you buy a repossessed car?

If you are trying to buy a specific car, you can contact the bank  or whoever holds the lien on the vehicle for more information. You  may also start online with a free dire

What is the best time to buy a car?

I am a buyer and have been researching this question. Here are  my findings and most experts, bankers, salespeople... agree: if you  are not particular but want a really goo

What is the best time to buy a used car?

The end of each month is a good time to buy a car because many of the lots want to get rid of their inventory. Also just before Christmas or the beginning of a new year. Just

Can you buy another car after a repossession?

Answer     Yes, you can. My father did this. The thing is, you get a really high interest rate. You could try to have someone co-sign to get the interest rate down

Is there a time limit for repossessing a car?

  Answer   Unless you have a payment plan figures out with your loan company(I.E. i can pay 100 this month instead of 200) they will usually wait 90 days to proceed w

When is the best time to buy a car?

The best time to buy a car is at the beginning of spring because it is easier to take care of when there is no snow. If you live in the south where it never snows, you can buy

What is the best course of action when your car is repossessed?

Answer . You should have taken care of this before it went this far. But as you did not, you may still have a chance to get the car back. If you hid the car to avoid repos

Best time to buy a car?

The best time to buy is in late Fall and the Winter. Spring/Summer are peak seasons.

What is the catch in buying repossessed cars?

The biggest turn-off when buying Repossessed Car: As you already know, Repossessed Car Auction is a great way to buy your new car or other types of vehicle (boat repo auction

Where can you buy repossessed cars from?

Repossessed cars can be purchased directly from Banks and Credit Unions. Many larger Banks and Credit Unions will simply send the vehicles off to "dealer only" auctions, but m