What is the best cure for a sinus cold?

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Whats the best way to cure a cold?

There is no 'cure' for the common cold!!! All the medicines are there just to help you tolerate the symptoms better. Most feel better in about a week no matter what. Preventi

How can you cure a cold?

The best way to cure a cold is just to drink water at least 8 glasses a day but if more then better. I actually tried it and it work and I didn't even take medicines anyway.

How can you cure sinus congestion or sinusitis?

Sinus congestion? Do you mean sinusitis? Sinusitis can be acute [meaning you just got that now] or chronic [been with you for a long time]. First, Medical treatment. 1. Ant

Can a cold be cured?

My son has a heavy cold, all the symptons of, for the lasr four weeks with no improvement, is this right? He is in his 40's.

Does Reliv cure sinus?

I have been on the basic Reliv nutrition for 2.5 years and have not suffered from a sinus infection or headache! Before, I would get between 3-4 infections per year and have s

Can penicillin cure a sinus infection?

Can penicillin cure a sinus infecton of the head, ears and nose? I just asked if penicillin cures sinuses and then my answer is now a question?That totally makes no sense at

Should you fly with a sinus cold?

It depends, if you are feeling lucky then by all means fly to your hearts content, however the high altitudes and low pressure will leave your sinuses open to infection, or si

What is the best herbal cure for common cold?

There realty isn't a "cure" for the common cold. Treatment should include rest, plenty of liquids, and a regiment of vitamin C, Zinc (veery 4 hours, not to exceed 4 tablets pe

Should you work out with a sinus cold?

Although working out does increase your heart rate and body temperature and can help alleviate some symptoms of a sinus cold much in the same way as a low grade fever, it can

Why do you get cold and what is the cure?

You get a cold because either you caught it from someone or you got germs. For germs they can't get in your body without a hole! So if you have a cut and someone around you is

Can marijuana cure sinus?

1. Sinus is not a disease. It is a part of your body inside your skull that is used to help you to breathe. 2. Marijuana doesn't cure anything -- it causes you to become addi