What is the average cost of dental teeth whitening?

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Teeth Whitening can range from $200 in a kiosk in a mall, up to almost $1000 in a dental surgery. Like a lot of things however you will often get what you pay for when it come to selecting the best product for you.

Some teeth whitening info:
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How much does teeth whitening cost?

Teeth whitening should be done under the supervision of a dental professional. There are a range of treatment options depending on your budget and personal preferences. The m (MORE)
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Does a dental makeover include teeth whitening?

Yes at most dental offices this is one of their products services that they offer. Teeth whitening is very popular now so most dentist will preform the makeover.
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Is dental teeth whitening safe?

If done correctly, teeth whitening is perfectly safe. Be aware that whitening can increase sensitivity of the teeth, so make sure that your teeth are healthy enough for the wh (MORE)
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What is the average cost of laser teeth whitening?

"Laser teeth whitening is a significantly more powerful brand of teeth whitening than tradition liquid or soaking whitening, with a much higher rate of effectiveness. Typical (MORE)