What is the anniversary gift for seven years of marriage?

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When you get to the seventh year where there's a desk set for a gift suggestion, think about lovely desk sets such as a picture frame that's personalized and a lovely pen and diary set.
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What is the anniversary gift of thirty-four years of marriage?

The modern symbol for the 34th Wedding Anniversary is Opal. Gift ideas: Paper weight for him; gold or silver ring with a small opal stone for him or a tie pin in opal. For

What is the anniversary gift for 25 years of marriage?

Silver, preferably a sterling silver gift. . The flower is iris, so a gift idea is to buy a sterling silver bud vase and place an iris stem in it for a thoughtful gift. Hav

What is marriage of 35 years anniversary gift?

35th anniversary is represented by Coral or Jade, and traditional gifts are usually made out of Coral but modern gifts of Jade like statuettes, any decorative made of jade for