What is the alcohol prep pad used for?

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Most alcohol prep pad are usually Isopropyl Alcohol. There are used for disinfecting stuff. For example, you would want to use it on your stethoscope before and after using it on someone, or o your skin to clean a spot to insert a needle. It's used for cleaning because it kills bacteria and evaporates quickly.

They are also flammable, so you can use them to help you start a fire. It's also good for cleaning electronics, since it evaporates quickly and leave little to no residue.
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Does alcohol pads sterilize the skin?

No, alcohol pads and hand sanitizers that are alcohol based do not work immediately as intended. Alcohol will kill bacteria on the skin however it takes nearly 36 hours to do

Do alcohol pads expire?

Alcohol is quite volatile, and will evaporate very easily -- farmoreso than water. So if the alcohol packing is in any waycompromised, even microscopically, you'll find dry pa

Do alcohol prep pads numb?

No, alcohol prep pads that don't say numbing, do not numb when getting pierced or tattooed. You can request to be numbed before a piercing or tattoo with numbing cream, or num
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