What is the advantages of web-based application?

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There are so many advantages of web-based application. Some of them include being able to access it from any location with internet connectivity and it also saves up on installation problems and storage among others.
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What are the advantages of mounting applications on the web?

here are the advantages:. Increasing awareness of the availability of a service, product, industry, person, or group. . The possibility of 24-hour access for users. . Stand

Function of web based application?

This mean that you can make document without software installed on computer,if you have windows live account,you can make Word document online from any computer,or Excel sprea

What are definition of web based application?

A Web based application is one that is accessed over the internet using a web browser. It typically would have a web address like www.yahoo.com or www.google.com

What is vulnerability of web based application?

If you are talking about a cloud system type thing, than you should know that many of the algorithims in the security of the system are... faulty at times. If you mean more li

Advantages of web-based application?

The advantages of web based applications include: reduces businesscosts, quick and easy updates, reach anybody, anywhere in theworld, available any time, direct access, online

What is web-based application software?

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What is an advantage of a web based application?

A web based application allows a user to use the software without having to store or process data on their own machine. This is known as cloud computing.