What is the Sociological Model of Child abuse about?

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It is when a child is abused due to the abusers social environment for example family structure such as job loss putting strain on family causing them to lash out at the child or large family is small housing causing stress.
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What is child abuse?

Child abuse comes in many forms, including sexual, physical, emotional, mental, and neglect. Anytime a child is subjected to physicallly, emotionally, or mentally harmful beha

What is the sociological model of health?

The sociological model of health places more emphasis on the environmental, social and economic causes of disease rather than solely focusing on the biological aspect- as seen

Who is a child abuser?

Anyone who hits, hurts physically, emotionally or sexually abuses a child. Whether it is a sibling, parent, other relative or friend, or even a stranger causing the abuse. You

How can a child be abused?

Mentally, emotionally, sexually, verbally, physically, and even legally if the system is used to abuse the child (eg visiting rights)

Why is there child abuse?

There are evil people in this world. Some people won't accept that, but in order to be safe you have to except that there are bad people. So, evil people do evil things.

What are the four theoretical models in child abuse?

There are actually five theortical models of child abuse. These being: The Medical Model, The Sociological Model, The Psychological Model, The Feminist Model and asl the Con

What if your child has abused you?

To serious abuse report them to the police, do not abuse them back it will get you nowhere. If you feel regret talk to a counselor

What is the feminist model of child abuse?

Odd title but it is one of those crimes, that women do commit. when appliance utility cords are used as assault weapons, you know a female is wielding the whip. an indirect fe

What is child abuse about?

Child abuse is where any parent or guardian is physically (hitting) there child for no reason, this is not a beating for a child's wrong doing but for a personal gain or just

Can anyone give you a website that explains the psychological model of child abuse?

The best explanation on models or theories on child abuse arebetter appreciated from books, whether online or printed. Textbookscan demonstrate and aptly explain the models an