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What is the Lewis structure of ClF4 plus?

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Total electrons --> 7+42-1=48 Cl as a central atom One lone pair on Cl (on the side) 4 F's up and down and the other two on the opposite side of lone pair. F I :- Cl - F - F I F This is the best I can do with plain text.
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What is a Lewis Structure?

A Lewis structure is a model that uses electron-dot structures to show how electrons are arranged in molecules. Pairs of dots or lines represent bonding pairs this is a C O

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The Lewis dot structure for ammonium starts with the N atom in the  center. In each cardinal direction, there is one singly bonded H  atom. The entire structure is enclosed

What is the Lewis structure for NH3Cl plus?

The Lewis structure for NH3Cl plus is very easy to draw. The N atom  is placed in the center, singly bonded to three H atoms and one Cl  atom. A +1 formal charge is indicate

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It would look something like this .. .. .. : F ----Br -----F: .. .. .. There are 21 valence electrons in neutral BrF2, so there will be one unpaired. Draw each F havin

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The amount of dots in total in the Lewis Dot Diagram of AsF4+ (Arsenic tetrafloride) is twenty six. Each "F" (fluorine atom) has six dots in total, two on three "sides". The