What is the Bic and swift code of nationwide building society bank?

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Nationwide's SWIFT address is: NAIAGB21 (This number is also known as our BIC - Bank Identifier Code). You will also need to quote the SWIFT Intermediary Bank MIDLGB22. This is for all Nationwide accounts.

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What is the BIC swift code Wachovia Bank Cape Coral Florida 33904?

Wachovia SWIFT NUMBER IS "PNBPUS33 FOR FLORIDA. Go to https://www.wachovia.com/foundation/v/index.jsp?vgnextoid=b71010a2090aa110VgnVCM1000004b0d1872RCRD&vgnextfmt=default#2

What is the Swift code or BIC for Bank Al Habib north nazimabad branch?

Bank Al Habib (a comparatively new branch) North Nazimabad Branch Plot No.SD-6, Block G, Saima Flowers, Scheme No.2, North Nazimabad, Karachi. Sorry, at this moment I can'