What is the Aryan invasion theory?

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Aryans were quietly peaceful, however if they need to battle (mostly for defense), they battle with the enemy's army and not with the people and never take spoil or destroy the cities and even sometimes did not change the ruler of the enemy's country.
they believed in good deeds, good thought and good speech (word).

New Archaelogical findinds have buried this theory of aryan Invasion.There was never an invasion of aryans. They were natives of India some 1500 B.C.Max Muller and british propagated this lie to show superiority of European race...
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What is the theory of Aryan supremacy?

The "Aryan supremacy" theory teaches that Aryans originated in Northern Europe and created the earliest and best civilizations. This theory was extremely influential on Nazi i

What were Adolf Hitler's racist theories about Aryans and Jews?

Adolf Hitler and the Nazis in general believed that the races wereall of different quality. Specifically, they thought that the Aryanrace was the supreme race, and that the Je

Significance of Aryan invasions of India?

It is unlikely that there was ever an 'Aryan' Invasion of India. It is a now discredited theory invented over a hundred years ago by racist, Christian missionary influenced co

Facts lending support to the Aryan Invasion Theory?

There is no actual proof to support the Aryan Invasion Theory. Itwas a weakly-invented story created by the British when they wentto conquer India. The reason for the creation

Is the aryan invasion a myth?

yes. the British claimed that people from Germany went to India and invaded bringing Sanskrit. however this was only to divide the north and south so its easy to exploit and r

Was the Aryan invasion real?

false it was created for exploitation of India by dividing the south and north because the british found it alot easier to rule if everyone it fighting among themselves

What was one important result of the Aryan invasion of India?

India has been invaded by Greeks, Persians and British. Like Aryans, all these people are descended from a small group of women who lived in South India 50,000 years ago. The

Who popularised the theory of arctic region as the original home of aryans?

The Arctic Home in the Vedas is a seminal work on the origin of Aryans presented by Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak, a mathematician turned astronomer, historian, journalist,

What influence did the Aryan invasion have in the ancient civilization of India?

First of all, it wasn't an Aryan Invasion. It was a Migration . The Aryans moved north from their homeland in South India around 40,000 BCE, according to DNA research. Some o

When was the Aryan invasion of India?

The Aryan invasion of India never occurred. It was a theory developed by Max Mueller to explain similarities between European and Indian languages and people. DNA research lat

When was the Aryan invasions of Ancient Pakistan?

The prosperous and flourishing civilization (Indus Valley) wasbrought to an end by the savage invasions of the Aryans about 1,550B.C. These warlike nomads had encountered a ve