What is the 8 trey gangsta crip oath?

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a crip is a group of people in a blood gang.
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What is a gangsta?

It is the word "gangster" spelled differently. It's a slang word for people who are down in major populated cities that are on the hip side.

What are crips?

Crips are an old gang that represents the blue flag and like other gangs are dangerous.

What are the crips?

Well c^rips. is a gang that was started by a man called Tookie Williams, the gang was started a Long while back and has been a round for a good while. and the argument betwe

What is a crip?

The Crips where a black gang. Originated by Raymond Washington ( not tookie Williams like most think) that was created in early to mid 1970 in south L.A: South central, Compto

Who is a crip?

they are primarily a gang and theyre one of the largest, most violent in the u.s theyre main colors blue= crips they hate bitches who are bloods crip all dae!! F d

How do you get in crips?

as in the gang ? wow , not much of a question but you cant just go in and out like a burger joint. once youre in a gang , youre in it for life. & you have to be asked. as for

What is Eight Trey Gangster Crip?

it's a crip set. It means 83rd Street Gangster Crip. Also a set. A set is a faction with in the whole gang itself, seeing that the "Crip" gang is nation wide.
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What is the 8 trey crip oath?

Crips don't have any oath. SIDE NOTES: Crips are NOT in the Folk Nation, they are in the Crip Alliance & Crips don't have any oaths or codes or any stars and symbols.