What is that teddy bear hide and seek thing on der riese zombie map?

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ok. (this is easier with four people, they can defend you) :)
when you first start DER RIESE ZOMBIE MAP, go to the windows. go to the ones either side of the pack a punch machine :)
you might see something near those windows off the actual map. it SHOULD be glowing. shoot it. you SHOULD get the "elevate your senses" achievement. you then should hear a girl say "i want to play a game..lets play hide and seekkk" :(
there are then three bears. go onto the teleporting platform and look towards the tall buildings which should be, (looking aT the pack a punch machine), to your left. look up and down it till you see an open window (its wide.) there should be the first there. shoot it. :)
then go through the door on the left (again as you look at the pack punch) and go through it. there should be sumthing like a dogcage there (you know like thos portable things) there is a teddy in one of them. :)
next one is in the furnace...IN THE FURNACE! shoot it. you should hear the girl say in a charming voice "you found them all! (then she turns demonic) GAME OVER!!" =O
this is just an Easter egg, it wont help you fend off the zombies, just a fun thing. HAPPY HUNTING!!!! =)
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