What is stronger than bleach?

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Is it stronger than me or is it stronger than I?

The correct grammar is "stronger than I". When in doubt, finish the sentence. You would say, "He is stronger than I am ." Therefore, you can say, "He is stronger than I",

Which zanpatou is stronger in bleach?

Most likely Ichigo's zapakuto: "Zangetsu", but that's because of his hollow powers, without his hollow powers I would say Aizen's zanpakuto: "Kyoka Suigetsu", or captain Yamam

Who is stronger naruto or bleach?

Probably Naruto because the ninjas surpass the abilities of a human being like being able to walk on water and being able to draw chakra etc. Whereas in Bleach, Ichigo is a no

Are the bounts from bleach stronger than the arrancars from bleach?

That depends on the individual... Some arrancars are pretty lame and weak. However, there are some arrancars (such as the Espada) who are certainly stronger than any bounts.

Is Naruto stronger than bleach?

NO of course not naruto and naruto shippuden are both very good animes and manga but bleach stronger and all the people i know says that bleach stronger!!

Is heroin stronger stronger than cocaine?

No, herion is more dangerous, but cocaine is not far off the sevarity of heroin. Both these drugs are powerful and the difference between them in minor when compared to

Is bleach stronger than acid?

This is like asking: Are bananas better than bricks. There is no answer. Acids could be defined as substances that donate hydrogen ions but some acids like vinegar, tartaric
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Is bleach stronger than water?

yes, because water is pure so is has no strong acid to be compared to bleach so, yes bleach is stronger than water.