What is silt soil used for?

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Silt is a soil texture, or a soil particle separate.

Silt textured soils are used for anything that other soils would be used for, except perhaps the mining of sand or clay.
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Does soil have clay sand and silt in it?

Yes some Soil does! It dosent all have in it!! Too find out more look up on Google what types of soil has Clay or silt in it. There are MANY different types of soil. SAND is s

Is silt the same as potting soil?

No. While silt is usually rich in nutrients, it is a natural soil deposited by rivers, streams, and creeks. Potting soil is a manufactured product of natural organic component
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What does silt soil look like?

Soil Consists of solid grains that have various sizes. Like coarse grained particles such as boulder, gravel and sand also fine grained particles such as silt and clay. The gr