What is selective breeding?

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Selective breeding is the process in which two animals from the same species reproduce due to useful characteristics. Two animals with a certain type of characteristic are bred together to produce offspring. Then the offspring with the most useful characteristic breeds with another offspring to produce more offspring. This process continues for generations until the offspring consistently have the useful characteristic farmers or scientists are looking for. Cross-breeding is a type of selective breeding except with animals from two organisms from the same species but not the same breed. Selective breeding is one of the most common causes for a wide range of breeds in animals and varieties in plants. this is incorrect
It is the process which humans use animal breeding and plant breeding to selectively develop particular characteristics by choosing which typically animal or plant males and females will sexually reproduce and have offspring together
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What is selective breeding of plants and animals?

Selective breeding is where you choose eg. the best milk producing cow, then gett another cow that produces milk well, and breed them together. You can do the same with colour

Selective breeding and natural selection?

Selective breeding is when a species is purposely breed to have certain characteristics. Ex. lots of dogs are breed to have a shiny coat, of a certain color of fur etc. Natura

What breeds are made from selective breeding?

all breeds of animal can be selective breed DaveScriv added: Indeed all breeds of domestic livestock were created by selective breeding, although it looks more obvious on som

Selective breeding what is it?

its when you take a desirable trait to produce a certain kind of offspring. like making bigger sweeter strawberries or making horses faster.

What is selected breeding?

Selective breeding in domesticated animals is the process of a breeder developing a cultivated breed over time, and selecting qualities within individuals of the breed that wi

What is selective breeding in terms of alleles?

Alleles are crossed from two different parents with the desirable trait. For example, if one female show horse produced a beautiful coat, and another male show horse also prod

What is selective breeding cause by?

Selective breeding is caused by humans, we created selective breeding by finding out that if we mate two lions one with white lion gene (and white fur) and one with out the ge

What is selective breeding and what is it used for?

Selective breeding is the process of breeding plants and animals for particular genetic traits. Typically, strains which are selectively bred are domesticated , and t

What is the difference between breeding and selected breeding?

Breeding is just breeding any pair of parents together to get offspring, whereas selected breeding is choosing a certain set of parents and targeting a few specific traits you

What is selective breeding in cows?

Selective breeding in cattle is the selection of genetics from the parent herd in order to produce offspring with genetic traits that are superior to those parents. It is a to

What is selective breeding for beef cattle?

It is the type of breeding that is used to improve a cow herd based on a number of genetic traits, both seen and unseen. This ranges from increased growth and weaning/yearling