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Savvy means the ability to do something in both a quick and efficient manner.
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What is a savvy?

a savvy is a power that every person gets on their thirteenth birthday. if your younger than thirteen beware of your savvy. sometimes they can be crazy. mine is invisibility.

What is the meaning of savvy?

\n. \n \n. \n \n. \n ANSWER: \n. \nSavvy means understanding.\nExample: The teenagers were well-educated and Media-savvy.\n(Understanding)

What is mibs savvy in the book savvy?

If anyone has ink on them wether tattoo or pen, she can hear what the person that has the ink on is thinking. For an example if somebody has ink on there skin and is thinking,

Will there be a savvy movie?

I'm quite sure that there is soon to be one! It may not be in theaters and more of a poorly advertised film, but I assume that there either is one or ther will be one.

Is savvy a movie?

Savvy is not a movie YET, but in 2011 it will be coming out! Ingrid Law had an interview and she confirmed it. Keep checking for the exact month and day.

What is relationship savvy?

Relationship savvy is a useful thing to abide by. It means that you can can begin to understand which relationships would be good to progress with, and which relationships wou

What are the savvys in the book savvy?

mibs read minds through ink on the skin fish creates weather rocket electricity momma she is perfect grandpa bomba land or earth grandma capture radio waves Dinah O'Connell co

What is bobbies savvy in the book savvy?

Bobbie doesn't have a Savvy because she isn't in Mibs' family. Only the Beaumonts have Savvy's, that's why Mibs had to quit school and also Rocket and Fish. The Savvy's they h

Who is the cast of savvy?

rocket. Fisher(fish). Mississippi(mibs). Sampson. Mr.Bomount. Mrs.Bomount. gypsy. (i read the book 5 times).
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What are the characters' savvies in savvy?

The main family: Mibs- she can hear your thoughts or feelings through the ink or tatoos on you. Just a dot of ink! Fish- causes hurricanes. Later in the book he finds ou