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The word 'salen' is taken from the verb 'salir' which means ' to leave'. 'Salen' is the plural form meaning, ' they or we' are leaving.
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What is the moleculer weight of salen ligand?

Answer . The term "salen ligand" actually refers to a class of compounds with a specific structure that allows them to form complexes with metals and anions. To determin

What is salen Gomez phone number?

seleana's real phone number i dont know and if i did it would be illegel to tell but her saynow number is:(214)3069590 now she probley wont anwser she is super busy but the po

What is the Spanish 'Salen de la escuela' in English?

They leave the school. NOTE: Salen = they get out. However in this context the word mean they leave. They get out of school at 3:30. They leave school at 3:30 both

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If you meant scalene triangle, then it may have a right angle. By definition, a scalene triangle is a triangle with no angle or side measures that are the same. For example, a