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A pseudo alum is a double sulfate of the typical formula ASO4·B2(SO4)3·22H2O, where A is a divalent metal ion, such as cobalt (wupatkiite), manganese (apjohnite), magnesium (pickingerite) or iron (halotrichite or feather alum), and B is a trivalent metal ion. i.e. class of alums in which the usual monovalent metal of a true alum is replaced by a bivalent metal
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What is alum?

Alum is a chemical (aluminium potassium sulphate), It tends to be whitish powder with several uses, including:. As an astringent . As an antibacterial . As a food preservat

Where can you get alum?

You can get three different types from agreen cpmpany called Natural Spa Supplies. They sell the volcanic crystal (for deodorising), small pebble sized pieces to amke an DIY s

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Where to get alum?

Aluminum Potassium sulfate (Alum) can be purchased in any grocery  store on the spice isle. It comes in the little spice containers  and can be easy to over look. You may be

Is Potash alum the same as alum?

Potash alum is another name for potassium alum. Alum is a class of molecular compounds, and included in the class is potassium alum. So, they are not the same thing, but yet v

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What is a pseudo fit?

A pseudo fit is essentially a seizure that is brought on by intense stress, and does not directly correlate with epilepsy.
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Is alum and potash alum the same?

No. Potash alum is specifically KAl(SO4)2 * 12H2O. Alum is any 1A metal with the Al(SO4)2 * 12H2O...so you can have Na, Rb and others.

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1. Molecules of the type PHal-PHal Pseudohalogens (PHal) are CN - , SCN-, CNO - . 2. Molecules of the type PHal-Hal Halogens are Cl, F, Br, I, At.
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