What is people erosion?

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People erosion is when the soles of peoples shoes where down the rocks that they are walking on.
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How do people cause or prevent erosion?

Farmers could not farm a field for one year, or you could dosomething to help control flooding. You can also put ditches aroundthe field to catch the eroded soil. Soil erosion

How does erosion effect people?

Erosion can affect the environment around us in negative or positive ways. Most people base thier lifestyle live on what is around them. Part of those factors is erosion, whic

How can people stop wave erosion?

There are many waves to stop erosion but i am only going to say one. And that is putting up a wall to stop the pebbles or soil in some cases from going down the beach so that

How do people impact or cause erosion?

people causes erosion by soil erosion.Soil Erosion is the loss of topsoil by carrying it away to another place.The example of soil erosion is land slide

What can people do to prevent erosion?

Pleaple can do little to prevent errorsion. However people do do things that START errosion (agriculture, deaforestation etc) - if people stoped doing these things it help.
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How do people contribute to soil erosion?

People (farmers) used to contribute heavily to erosion by plowing under their fields in the fall. The current practice of "no till" (letting crop residue stand over the winter

What are the effects of soil erosion on people?

The effects of soil erosion on people often include: . soil and rainwater runoff . loss of nutrient-rich topsoil . loss of root base for trees . premature loss of trees i