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The padrino system is the main cause of graft and corruption. In every new administration, it is the common practice of the newly elected President of a country or a newly installed President and Chairman of the Board of a company or the newly appointed department head to employ his or her own confidants and team of advisers. The favored persons may be some relatives, friends. classmates or associates. The grateful appointee naturally becomes a loyal follower of the appointing official and the willing conspirator in wrongdoings. The "padrino system" is embedded in many offices especially the government. Vacancies or jobs are created for the proteges. Promotions are no longer based on seniority or performance but on right connections.

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What is a padrino?

Padrino means godfather or best man in Spanish. It is an important cultural role in Spanish society.

Ano ang padrino system?

ano ang pangelingmo lasapin so ang samoy ditto walang pero Jan kin ourn augan yuu un tonguy i will be there what is a freemason by sound or smell and thank yu capt. eloy bermu

What does madrinas and padrinos mean?

grandmother and grandfather in Spanish It is actually closer to godmother and god father. Grandparents are Los abuelos. Granmother is la abuela and grandfather is el abuelo.

How are padrinos chosen?

Padrinos are a concept only known in Mexico in terms of Christianity and the baptism ritual. They are chosen by the parents whose child is being baptized.

How are padrinos chosen in Mexico?

It depends on 'padrinos' (godfathers) of what, but most padrinos are either family or friends of the couple: Mexican traditions include godfathers of many things such as 'ri

How many padrinos are in a quinceanera?

It depends on how many you want. Theres no exact number. -Dress -Limo -Tiara -Last doll -invitations -video -pictures -hall decorations -cake flowers et

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