What is opposite to saltwater?

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It is freshwater.

What is saltwater?

Salt water is water that has salt (sodium chloride) ions dissolved in it. It is what is found in the oceans.

What is the opposite of does?

The opposite of does is "doesn't" (does not). The opposite action of does is "undoes." (*The opposite gender for does , female deer, is bucks .)

Where is saltwater?

salt water is found in the sea. Saltwater can also be called brine.

What is the opposite of you?

From the standpoint of interpersonal operations (what the first person I, does in relationship to a second person, you), the opposite of you is me , or I. Similarly, from the

What is the opposite of has?

The opposite of has/ to have would be to lack , or alternatively to need or want. (the word lose is not an opposite of have because it is a change in possession)
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Where can you get saltwater?

Almost all LFS will sell saltwater by the gallon, and there are a few places online where you can buy saltwater directly from the ocean. The other option is to treat tap water