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A DVD-R burner, software and a DVD-R disk. The software can be found anywhere for free. The hardware(DVD-R) burner needs to be purchased at a store along with the disk. Once you have installed the hardware and software just place the files on the disk.
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How do you burn music onto a CD?

To burn music onto a CD, you go into the song, double click or choose open, and at the top of the screen you should see burn. Before you burn the music onto the CD, make sure

How do you burn music off of the computer onto a CD?

Make a folder of the songs you want up to the size of the CD, about 650 megs?. Then use Disk Utility and use the make a "New Image" and it will make a Disk Image of the folder

How do you burn DVD onto computer?

When you burn a movie or video file to DVD, you'll need a DVD burner to help you. First, download the movie or the video which you want to burn to your computer. Second, r

Can you burn music onto a DVD?

yes.   You can recur to the cool software Mac DVD Burner   Which help us burn audio and videos onto a DVD ,if you have a Mac.

What file types can you burn onto DVD R?

The file types may not be determined by by the DVD disc but the DVD burner. Take an example, if you want to convert and burn a wma video file to DVD, but your DVD burner doesn

How to burn movies onto DVD-r disks?

First, download a DVD burner and install it. Second, run the DVD burner, load the movie to it. Third, make some adjustment, such as editting, cropping and trimming, adding

How do you burn movies onto DVD?

First, download the movie from internet to your computer Second, download a DVD burner and install it. Third, import the movies files to the DVD burner and insert a DVD di

How do you burn photos from Picasa onto a DVD-R disc which will play in a DVD machine?

This is how I do it. First, you open your files which should be easy to access, but if you don't know how to, you may be able to find it here on Answers.com as an answered que
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Is it illegal to burn music onto CD's?

It depends which website you got the music from. Edit: there is nothing illegal in storing information, whether it be on your hdd or a cd. However, it is illegal to download y