What is monetary profit?

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Monetary profit is the actual amount of cash that is profited from a business or organization. The term monetary refers to coinage or money.
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What is profitability?

Bringing the customer back to the seller. Or, the ability to generate profits from sales, whether the sale is tangible (example: a good) or intangible (example: paid for kno

What is profit?

Answer . Profit in generally is making of gain in business activity for the benefit of the owners of the business.. The official definition of the word profit is "a finan

What is a profit?

A profit is the money that remains after all the costs have been paid.

What is profiteering?

profiteering: the act of making profits by unethical, unlawful or unjustified ways

What is for profit?

A for profit company is a company that exists to make money, and itmay also serve a purpose.

What is monetary standard?

Monetary Standard simply means the official money standard acountry uses. To give 4 instances, the UK uses Sterling, USA usesthe Dollar, EU (European Union) uses the Euro, and

Where in 'Antigone' do Antigone and Creon and Teiresias talk about profit and loss in terms of monetary value?

Antigone, Teiresias the blind prophet, and Theban King Creon don't talk all together about profit and loss in monetary terms. They aren't all on the stage at the same time i

What are both monetary and non-monetary?

MONETARY ASSETS AND LIABILITIES Monetary assets and liabilities are money or claims to future cash flows that are fixed or determinable in amounts and timing by contract or o

What are monetary and non monetary motivation?

Monetary motivation are rewards for accomplishment that gives you money in some form, while non-monetary motivation is the rest for example responsiility or diverse working ta
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What are monetary and non monetary benefits?

monetary benefits is where you receive benefits as money, so special allowances or commissions. However, non monetary benefits are benefits you receive that does not involve m