What is meant by payment term DA 60 days?

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DA is a term used in import/export business internationally. DA stands for "Documents against Acceptance" and "number of Days" specified with DA means the number of days credit against that particular set of shipment documents(invoice, Shipping bill etc) i.e. DA 60 days means that importer/ purchaser will make payment within or at the latest by 60th day from the date of his acceptance of the Documents.
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What is prox 60 payment terms?

A "Prox 60" payment term means that the clock on invoice aging starts at the end of a given month rather than upon actual receipt of the invoice.. Example:. ACME Widget's AR

What is meant by BL payment terms?

paiement contre BL Cela signifie le fournisseur veut vous faire payer 30% par la télé-transfert (TT) immédiatement, vous confirmez la commande. Bilan par téléco

Why people prefer only DA Payment terms?

Isn't it the bank is fully aware of the order is under certain # days of D/A so you will have the first priority to collect the payment before the account holder. This is how

What is meant by the Term 60 square when talking about cotton fabric?

This is the thread count, when the cotton is constructed, if counted the number of squares in a inch of the said fabric you would have 60, hence the term 60 square. The higher

What are payment terms 15th Prox plus 60?

in order to receive the discount payment is to be made by the 15th of the following month(depending upon the cutoff date being used) otherwise, payment is to be made in 60 day

When do you get payment if the payment term is net 60?

Net in 60 strictly means that the balance is due 60 days from the invoice date. If the invoice date is January 15th, then the balance (net) is due on (or before) March 15th. 6
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What is meant by the term payment terminals?

A Payment Terminal refers to the keypad and LCD monitor device used by many business to allow credit and debit card transactions. Usually the credit or debit card is "swiped"