What is meaning of this pela vez eu tento por essa poha na internet vamos ver se agora vaiSinopseProstituta e amante do governador de So Paulo se esfora para se manter em alta no bordel que tinha uma?

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Ahem.... it means, according to an on-line translation site:
for the time I try for this poha in the Internet we are going to see if now Synopsis goes Prostitute and lover of the governor of Sao Paulo if esfora to support itself in rise in the brothel that had one
I started with the assumption that the language is Portuguese; this may not be the case.
If it is Portuguese, then it is either very colloquial/idiomatic Portuguese, or a dialect of Portuguese, or possibly just plain bad Portuguese.
Maybe there are some idiosyncratic spellings that are leading to translation difficulties.

In addendum, it is Brazilian Portuguese which is different from European Portuguese and it had alot of misspellings.


Let me try
For the #th time i try to put this (bad word) on internet. Hope it works now. Synopsis: Prostitute and lover of São Paulo State Governor struggle to keep in high level in the brothel that had a... (it seems to be an uncomplete phrase)

The bad word "poha" is a misspeling of "porra", that means "c u m".
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