What is math used in everyday life?

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Everything in life is math. Money spending or saving is math, building is math! Etc! Our lives revolve around math

How is math used in your everyday life?

Here are just a few examples:. (*) You want to paint a large room in your house. The gallon-size paint can says that it covers 150 square feet. Your room is 20 feet by 30 fee

Do people use math everyday?

yes even when u buy something u are doing maths. we need math for everyday life. with out math you woul not know if their are stealing your money.

Is math used in everyday life?

It may seem like you don't but you do . For exsample:What time is it Time or Halloween how many houses you went to or how many Pisces of candy did I get or how long did I stay

How relevant is the use of math in everyday life?

Math is relevant to everyday life because we have to use it with most jobs that we have and you have to use it when grocery shopping. Math is very useful and you should learn

Is math important in everyday life?

Yes everything involves math. Everything you do involves some math whether you do it voluntarily or not. Every step you take is a judgement of the distance that you wish to tr

How is maths a part of your everyday life?

The simple act of paying for a daily newspaper uses maths ! Without maths, how would you know (a) whether you've given the right money for the paper, and (b) whether you've be

Why is math important to us in everyday life and in our jobs?

Though you might not think you need it - you DO !... How will youknow... If the checkout operator gave you the correct change (andhow would you know how much money to give the